We facilitate the meeting of our expertise in the field of mobility, mega and infrastructural projects with special attention to development modern smart city and the demand for sustainable development of an area




There is no time or better, there is never enough time to do everything. The work commitments are slot in together like a complicated chronological puzzle.

The rhythms are pressing and hectic and, to do everything, it is necessary to move. And quickly. Ensuring mobility and versatility in metropolitan areas is an increasing need of the twenty-first century.

Transportations, Parking, Smart City are our skillness




The passion, expertise, commitment, loyalty and morality are the elements that unite a team of specialists that have as their purpose the sustainable development of your territory.

The mobility that connects people, the education that makes him evolve, the fancy new boundaries and showing the emotion that ignites the curiosity to create new experiences, are the elements of our specialists and partner that will help to make real your ideas and your dreams.

Mega Projects

We help clients plan, execute, and in some cases, rescue multibillion-dollar mega projects. Our consultants and partners closely affiliated with the Capital Productivity Practice and collaborate closely with colleagues in other relevant areas, such as Oil & Gas, Electric Power & Natural Gas, Metals & Mining, and Travel Transport & Logistics, to deliver deep industry expertise to every project. Supported by Beausoleil & Montecarlo's experts and our broad network of external experts, our global team of expertess constantly tests and refines its proprietary tools and solutions. To ensure the long-term success of a project, we work closely with clients to build their capabilities at every stage.


  • The term edutainment is the expression is formed by the merger of the words educational (educational) and entertainment (entertainment). You could translate educational fun. The term edutainment was used initially to indicate playful forms of communication aimed at teaching. The concept has been extended over time to all that can be communicated through play, so nice and productive.
  • Spread the tecnolgie funfairs parks, aquariums, biospheres, the miniature worlds and so serves to educate while having fun. Joint us to development in your city or territory this new fantastic place of entertainement.


Smart City

The smart city in urban planning and architecture is a set of strategies aimed at optimizing planning and innovation of public services so as to relate the physical infrastructure of the city "with human capital, intellectual and social development of those who live" thanks to the widespread use of new communications technologies, mobility, environment and energy efficiency, in order to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions.

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